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The Institute for Corporate and Capital Markets Law is a scientific institution at Bucerius Law School. Its aim is to contribute to the national and international discussion in the areas of corporate and capital markets law.


"Multinational enterprises, corporate groups and supply chains in a globalised world"

The IUKR in collaboration with Deakin Law School’s Centre for Comparative and Corporate Governance (CCCG), co-hosted a conference on “Multinational Enterprises, Corporate Groups and Supply Chains in a Globalised World”, on 3-4 November 2017. Held at Bucerius Law School, the two-day event afforded an exciting opportunity for scholars to engage in dialogue about regulatory challenges and approaches, and the future role for company law and corporate governance.

Multinational Conference

The conference drew participants from Australia, Asia, Europe and the United Kingdom, including speakers from Deakin Law School, the Copenhagen Business School, Bristol Law School, the University of Sheffield, the University of Wolverhampton, the University of Auckland, the University of Münster, the University of Kassel, Seoul National University, the University of Copenhagen and the University of Essex.

The participants addressed a variety of topics, amongst others, the “Disclosure and Transparency in Group Context”, “Supply Chains and Regulation”, “Corporate Accountability of Human Rights Violations”, “Transparency of Corporate Beneficial Ownership”, “Stakeholders and Shareholder Primacy,” and “The State Duty to Protect against Human Rights Violations through Transnational Business Activities.” The aim of the conference was to explore in depth the so-called regulatory gap in supply chains which allows multinational enterprises to outsource not only the production but also the legal liability to suppliers, and consider recent developments in the home states of multinational enterprises intended to overcome this gap.

The conference was jointly organised by Professor Jean du Plessis (Deakin Law School) and Professor Jörn Axel Kämmerer (Chair in Public Law, European Law and Public International Law at Bucerius Law School) as part of the 2017 International Corporate Governance and Law (ICGL) Forum. The ICGL unites leading corporate law and corporate governance scholars from around the world.

The event was co-sponsored by the German Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. The website for the conference can be found here.

New Edition "European Capital Markets Law"


In Spring 2017 the second edition of the compendium on European Securities Law was published in a revised and extended version.

“European capital markets law has developed rapidly in recent years. The former directives have been replaced by regulations and numerous implementing legal acts aimed at ensuring a level playing field across the EU. The financial crisis has given further impetus to the development of a European supervisory structure. This book systematises the European law and examines the underlying concepts from a broadly interdisciplinary perspective. National experiences in selected Member States – Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom – are also explored”.

Please order here.

6th Edition of Raiser/Veil: Law of Corporations

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The 6th edition of "Law of Corporations" with Professor Dr. Thomas Raiser (Humboldt University Berlin) and Professor Dr. Rüdiger Veil (Bucerius Law School) as editors was published on 17 September 2015. The book addresses the German law of corporations in detail with an outreach to capital markets law, takeover law and group law from a European and international perspective. It is a useful guide for students, lawyers and judges alike. The latest edition exceeds 1000 pages and is available in German language.

IUCCL in Korea: Workshop on Corporate and Capital Markets Law

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The third common workshop of IUCCL and Center for Financial Law der Seoul National University (SNU), South Korea, strengthens the cooperation between both institutions. As Bucerius Law School hosted the workshop last year, the 2015 meeting took place at SNU. For the first time, professors from Nagoya University, Japan, participated in the workshop. The cooperation therefore widens its international network. [more]

Invitation to Lecture

Due to severe weather conditions in Boston, the lecture is cancelled.

The Institute for Corporate and Capital Markets Law invites you to the following lecture by Kent Greenfield on Monday, February 16, 2015, 4:00 pm:

„The Importance of German Corporate Law in the Debate Over Corporate Personhood in the US“.

Kent Greenfield is Professor of Law and Law Fund rResearch Scholar at Boston College Law School, where he teaches and publishes in the areas of corporate law, constitutional law and economic analysis of law, among others. The topic of his talk will focus on the question of “corporate personhood”, which has been a big issue in the US since a widely noticed Supreme Court decision in 2010. After the lecture, discussions and questions can be continued over pretzels & wine.

 For further information please note the attached invitation and the following article:

 We are very much looking forward to your participation and kindly request an application via email ( until February 9, 2015.

9th ICCML Forum

The 9th ICCML Forum will be held on 12. June 2015. You can find the agenda (in German) here.

Please notice that only the late afternoon (past 3 pm) will be discussed in English.